God is Hope : Believe in God Completely

Did you know that the same voice that uttered the words that created the universe  is present in the Bible? Did you know that God’s written word is as powerful as His spoken words? Did you know that God’s word doesn’t come back to Him void and powerless? Make no mistake about it, God’s words have power. They have a life of their own. This might be hard to believe for even many Christians because, let’s face it, life gets really rough,  and it is so easy to give in to the temptation of thinking that we’re alone in this world. God is hope. Life can be so alienating sometimes that it is so easy to feel disconnected from God and His Word. We are tempted, like Thomas, to only believe if there are certain things we can see. However, this is the challenge of hope. We have to continue striving in belief even if things look hopeless and there are no visible signs that our deliverance from whatever challenges we face is forthcoming. Here are two reasons why God is our hope and why we need to believe His promises to carry us through. It is only when we fully trust Him can we have real hope. Believe in God completely to see you through life’s circumstances and challenges.

“Hope and faith in God grows during our times of adversity”
–Robert Moment

God’s Word delivered in the Past

We only need to read through the Bible and its numerous instances of God coming through even when things seemed hopeless and impossible. Take the case of Gideon. This powerful Hebrew judge was introduced to us as a cowering person unsure of himself, his strength, and his place in the world. Sound familiar? Still, the angel of the Lord greeted him with the words ‘mighty man of valor.’ These were God’s words. These words didn’t match Gideon’s view of himself or seeming reality but God had better things planned for Gideon. He went on to lead Israel in an improbably victory against all odds. How much more can God work wonders in your life even if you feel the odds are against you? God did the same for seemingly lowly characters like David (he was the youngest of Jesse’s sons and a mere shepherd), Sarah (she laughed at the possibility of her getting pregnant), Hannah (she endured the bitterness of infertility), and many others. God delivered despite what ‘conventional wisdom’ or ‘reality’ said. Throughout it all, He stuck by His Word and His promises. When He makes a promise He delivered.

God delivers now

Look around you, God continues to deliver. Stop looking for Red Seas parting-although unexplained natural events still do happen-but look at the microcosm of people’s individual lives. Every single day, people who used to grapple with addictions, psychological bondage, bad attitudes, and other personal hindrances shake off their invisible chains when they accept Jesus Christ. Jesus’ saving grace continues to turn prostitutes, addicts, cheaters, fornicators, thieves, and others from their past lives. God continues to deliver on His Word in Second Corinthians when He promised that we will become new creatures if we accept Him. He continues, to this day, change our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. The same God who spoke the world into being, speaks our new hearts and characters into being because of His written Word. If God can transform others, you can bet He can transform you too. That’s how powerful His Word is. How can you not have anything but hope in His powerful Word?

Logic dictates that God will deliver in the future

Considering that God is so powerful that He delivered in the past and continues to deliver now, it would be illogical to think that we can’t place our hope in Him to deliver us in the future. Regardless of whatever challenges you may be facing now, you only need to look at God’s track record and His existing power and believe in His ability to deliver, transform, and heal. He has His own timetable. He has His own plan and Will. Submit to His Will and place your hope in Him. It isn’t your good works or your merit that will make Him deliver. Only His grace. Place your trust in His unquenchable mercy and Grace and the same power that parted the Red Sea or rained fire down on the altar at Mount Carmel will come through for you.

Trust God to see you through– “For nothing will be impossible with God”(Luke 1:37 NASB).      


Robert Moment is a life coach, speaker and author of several life-changing books including, Christian Youth: Its Cool to Believe in God for Love, Acceptance, Friendship , Protection and Direction. Robert loves people and enjoys helping them. Robert specializes in maximizing human potential for happiness, purpose  and success. Visit http://www.AChristianYouth.com and sign-up for the FREE 5 Day e-Course titled, Christian Youth: Be Inspired to Live for God.