Whether you’re a young person looking for some guidance,
a parent wanting to help show your kids the way
or a youth minister looking for a new approach for connecting with your classes,
our Christian youth book is for you.

You see, God is always with us — at every age, during every problem and no matter what anyone else says. During some times in our lives, however, it’s hard to connect with that everlasting presence. But there’s no reason for anyone to feel alone, separated from reality or disconnected with God. Each of us are masterpieces.

God only makes masterpieces.

Christian Youth: It’s Cool to Believe in God for Love, Acceptance, Friendship, Protection and Direction is a book designed to help youth understand God’s constant love and accept God’s constant presence. This Christian youth book makes a perfect gift for the young people in your life and works well as the focus for youth ministry discussion. Could it help you or those you care about?

Not every Christian book aimed at young people is the same. Some of them are narrowly focused on one denomination, one agenda or one particular kind of child, teen or young adult. Our book is different because we make sure to show that no one is excluded from God’s love.

And we make it clear that it really is cool to believe in the God who believes in us. For love, acceptance, friendship, protection, direction and so much more, there’s only one source and one answer.

Christian Youth: It’s Cool to Believe in God for Love, Acceptance, Friendship, Protection and Direction is meant to help you recognize God’s constant love and presence in your life. Developing a relationship with God to whom you can pray for guidance, direction and acceptance offers one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

Christian Youth-Youth Ministry-Christian Youth Books-Youth for Christ-Youth MinistriesAimed at helping young people find security, direction and protection through God, this book shows that:

  • God’s love for you is never-ending and ever-constant.
  • God’s friendship is loyal, compassionate and caring, so you’re never ignored, abandoned or ridiculed.
  • God offers a direction for you, reassuring you that you have a purpose even if you don’t know what it is yet.
  • God accepts you, no matter what you weigh, what you look like or how you dress.
  • God hears all of your prayers and answers them in a way that’s best for you.

And so much more.

Order Christian Youth now, and enjoy a Christian youth book aimed at helping young people find that everything comes from and through God. Prayers really are answered, this book teaches, and we’re never without a friend. No matter who we are, there’s love available and a direction toward which we can move to find an even greater understanding of life, love and acceptance.

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It’s a message that makes sense to those who have trouble seeing any logic in the confusing world around them.

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